02 September 2006

Party Planner: What's On, Vol. 2

Got a sexy schoolgirl uniform, we'll party.

See you tonight.
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Now that you're about to party...
What say you?

24 August 2006

Mother! Blogger: Now Read These, Vol. 3

THE GIRL WHO ATE EVERYTHING (http://www.roboppy.net/food/)
I really would've started this blog if I didn't bloat so easily. *drooool* (Yes, you'd be incoherent too after seeing this chick's blog. Yum.)

MARKET MANILA (http://www.marketmanila.com/)
Manila is a yummy city. Seriously.

CHESCA@WHAPAK (http://chesca.whapak.com/)
College student/model Chesca Sumilang's blog. Check it.

21 August 2006

Remember The Face: Georgina Wilson

The latest trend: hot models with brains.
Case point: Georgina Wilson.

*** Photos featured on/courtesy of Inquirer Super!

What say you?

Mother! Blogger: Now Read These, Vol 2.

CONFESSIONS OF A CASTING DIRECTOR (http://coacd.blogspot.com/)
Since not all of us are lucky enough to rub elbows with the next It Girl or get those yummy backstage passes, here's the next best thing. Warning: addictive.

TRESOR: A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A BAG HAG (http://thebaghag.blogspot.com/)
Imelda Marcos is to shoes.
As "Mrs. T" is to bags.
In Paris' words, loves it.

You've seen it, you've read it.
What say you?

19 August 2006

Party Planner: What's On



...And you better show up. You might just see your party pics, posted by yours truly right here on WSY. Cause we're freaky stalkers. Err, part-time party photographers. PARTY ON, MANILA!

What say you?

Mother! Blogger: Now Read These

THE FASH PACK (http://thefashpack.blogspot.com/)
The latest buzz on the fashion scene and industry in Manila. Gotta love, love, love it.

BRYAN BOY (http://www.bryanboy.com/)
A trendy homo parading around the streets of Manila in the latest designer shades with the latest designer bags. Makes for an interesting read.

SMOOTHALIZE (http://www.xanga.com/smoothalize)
Model Vicky Herrera's blog. Cause models aren't all just looks, yo.

You've seen 'em, you've read 'em. Now...
What say you?